Shooting Local: Winter Icicle Creation by Derek Doar

Local Photography - Winter Icicle Photography

In early February, this year (2021) we had a very wet spell where I live in Derbyshire, and this was followed by a few days of light snow and freezing conditions.

In a village called Stanton-By-Dale near to where I live, I had noticed that during the very wet spell, the local pond had so much water running into it that it had overflowed and was running across the road that runs beside side it.

We then had overnight light snow and the temperature dropped well below freezing.

I was passing the pond that evening at sunset, when I noticed a wonderful icicle creation on the Hedgerow next to the pond. I only had my mobile phone on me and with no time to get my camera from home and return, I took the following image.

When I awoke the following morning, I could see that the temperature had dropped even lower, and we had had another dusting of snow, but the light was dull.
Later in the morning I spotted the sky brightening so I grabbed my camera gear and headed towards the pond. On arrival it was clear that the icicle formation was much better.

The icicle formation was formed by passing vehicles, splashing the hedgerow with water from the road. Normally the icicles would be dirty looking, due to dirty water on the road, but on this occasion, The water was clean, as it was constantly flowing out of the pond and across the road.

The image below shows the situation clearly.

I eventually had to stand in the water and hope that the light traffic would go around me and not through the water to drench me.

Fortunately, that is what happened, and I finally achieved the image below.

Camera: Canon 5DSR
Lens: Canon 16mm – 35mm F4L IS USM
Focal Length: 22mm
Aperture: f11
Shutter Speed 1/200th sec (3 image HDR)
ISO: 100

HDR processed in Adobe Camera Raw.
Image now printed on my favourite paper, Fotospeed Platinum Etching 285 for my latest print lecture, and it looks super.

I now use this image as one of my Christmas Card images.

Take care all.
Derek Doar

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