How to capture the perfect Christmas card imagery

How to capture the perfect Christmas card imagery

Christmas is coming, and although this year may be different due to restrictions, it's still great to shoot some amazing Christmas imagery. You might be thinking that with the UK’s winter consisting of more slush and rain than snow and ice, that there aren’t any possibilities for winter/Christmas photography, however, you’d be mistaken. There are plenty of photo opportunities within the UK to get some charming shots. Below, we’ve collated some great ideas for you to capture some great christmas photography, and what you can do with this photography after. 


City shots

From November onwards, towns and cities across the country dress the streets with twinkling lights and bright christmas trees. These mixed with darker nights and city architecture can make for some great christmas photography. 

The bustle of christmas shoppers also adds a unique element to the festive theme, along with any themed activities happening. Sadly, due to the pandemic we’re currently facing, some cities and towns perhaps won’t have the christmas magic they usually have, so you should do your research before committing to travelling anywhere.


Frosty mornings

A commuters worst nightmare; waking up and seeing frost blanketed across everything isn’t most people's favourite thing. That being said, frosty mornings can be great for a wintery scene. Shooting at the crack of dawn will really help maximise the scene. You should look at potential landscapes on your travels, and await a cold front, which in the early hours, will blanket the landscape in a beautiful array of white, with the sunrise giving a stunning splash of light and shadow to the scene.


Snowy settings

It's fair to say that snow is becoming a rarity in most parts of the UK, and a white Christmas is unlikely to happen this year. That being said, in northern parts of Scotland, there are some amazing landscapes which look even better with a blanket of snow. If you’re around these areas, you may come across some cottages, which when covered in snow can make for a beautiful christmas image. 


Deck the halls

You don’t have to leave home to get some amazing christmas photos. If you’ve decorated your home for Christmas, you should get the camera out and start shooting. Extreme close ups of the tree and baubles can work really well here. You can also use a blur effect in your imagery as well. Focus on a key component with a colourful and well lit background. Make your key component the forefront of your image, blur the background and fill it with lights to really compliment the rest of the image.


What to do with these photos?

Christmas is a time for thoughtful gifts and spending time with loved ones. A great gift is always a personalised gift; one that comes from the heart and something that has had a lot of time and effort put into it. Why not use your christmas images to send to friends and family? Our Fotocards are an ideal gift for anybody, close relatives or distant acquaintances . Fotospeed Fotocards come in different types of paper which can really bolster the effects of your imagery. 


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