What accessories should you bring with you when on a landscape photography shoot?

What accessories should you bring with you when on a landscape photography shoot?

Landscape photography is one of the most popular forms of photography. It’s virtually accessible to any photographer, however, you’ll more than likely need to travel a distance to get what you’d deem the perfect shot. With that in mind, you’ll also need to pack the perfect kit for the task at hand. Of course, you need to bring your camera and lens equipment but what additional extras should you bring with you? Below, we break down what accessories you should bring with you when shooting landscape photography.


This goes without saying, however, it’s important to make sure you bring a backpack that can A: carry all your gear and B: is comfortable for you to hike around while on your shoot. Dependent on how you’re getting to your desired location, it may be worth packing two bags of gear, so when you arrive and witness the elements of the day first hand (weather, natural light etc), you can leave one bag somewhere safe, and pack your desired gear in the other bag with you.


The tripod is quite the debate on social media. Some people love using tripods and others hate it. One thing is certain however, for landscape photography a tripod can be a[TH1]  necessity. To get the perfect landscape photo, a tripod assists you in getting an excellent angle, finish and allows you to create long exposure shots without any camera shake.

When out and about, however, it’s important to pack a tripod that’s not only sturdy but as lightweight as possible, making it easy to carry around with you when exploring for the perfect shot. It might also be worth getting a tripod with a shoulder strap for added ease to travel with. On that basis, we’d recommend the Tiltall Travel Tripod 2 Go as the perfect tripod.

Spirit level

While most tripods these days do have spirit levels, it’s worth bringing another for added certainty. There is no worse feeling than taking a picture and getting back to the studio to discover it was at a slanted angle. If you’re shooting on rough or uneven ground, it’s vital the tripod is set up at the correct angle for your shot, and a spirit level will ensure this. View our range here.

Graduated Neutral Density Filters

Probably the most vital accessory to have with you when doing a landscape shoot on a sunny day. If, for example, you are shooting mountains on a bright day, the filters prevent the sky silhouetting the landscape due to its two-tone filter. It’s worth noting that many modern cameras have HDR (High Dynamic Range) which gives another option to an ND filter . However, if you are shooting a moving image on a landscape shoot, then density filters are better to use than your cameras HDR.

Shutter Release

It’s important to not touch your camera when all is set up on a tripod. After setting up the tripod and making sure it’s measured correctly with the spirit level, touching it could make the camera or tripod move and ruin the image. Using a shutter release gives you the ability to take pictures without touching the camera. Check out more on our site here.

Spare Batteries and Memory Cards

This is another that goes without saying, however a lot of people seem to forget the importance of bringing spare batteries when you’re away from a charge point, as well as memory cards with enough memory. It’s hard to imagine a shoot being cut short due to forgetting to bring more memory or juice. Always check you’ve got a full battery before heading out, and make sure you have enough memory also.

Protective equipment

There is nothing worse than having to end a shoot early due to broken equipment. It’s essential when on an outdoor shoot, to be wary about potential weather hazards. If it begins to rain while on a landscape shoot, you can get some beautiful shots, but your number one priority should be protecting your equipment. Protective covering for your camera is easily purchased at competitive prices making it a must have!

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